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Manufacturing process in our own workshop, can be controlled to keep the best quality and 2-Weeks turnaround


11 years of customized sportswear experience makes our team perfect and professional from design to R&D so we are Producing best quality products.


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DGMC is an Experienced and Dominant manufacturing company, exporting and suppliers Motorbike Racing Gear,  Cycling Gear,  Baseball Batting Gloves,  Weightlifting Gloves and Belts,  Sports Gloves,  Casual Gloves , Boxing Equipments to valuable customers all around the world.

Our all products are being manufactured in our factory under supervision of talented experienced quality inspection officers.

The main key factor of our quality is direct access to Tanneries in our own factory where we can get the best quality Leathers produced for our production programs so that is why we are on the top for various fine Quality Leather Products as we have depth knowledge and sources from Raw Skins to finished Leathers.

We have also established the R&D (Research and Development) department, which is preparing the latest designs for customers by using modernization. The company’s goodwill and competitive advantage is also being enhanced by keeping in view the KSF (Key Success Factors) of the industry (like Desired Quality, Aggressive Price and Fast Delivery etc.)

Our highly skilled craftsman and dedicated staff are working with great endeavor in order to win optimal satisfactions of our customers.

Our products can be produced with YOUR OWN LOGOS OR LABELS and your own designs can also be produced as well as if you want, you can market our products with our Logos on them.

Our products front view is enough for inspiring customers about our fine quality so please have a look at our products at our website:

Feel free to contact us for any services that we could able to deliver for your good self we are only one step apart from your call or email.